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Xcel web solutions, delivers top quality digital & web solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Our team of developers, and vast experience earned through working with startups and large organizations alike, helps us build effectively, and deliver robust, scalable solutions regardless of complexities. Our ‘hands on’ approach to problem solving, means we work very closely with clients throughout their project life-cycle, from ideation through to execution… Xcel’s top quality support service, means we stay involved, even after project delivery.


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Top-rate services and unique
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Mobile & Web Development

From web and mobile applications, to informative, e-commence and corporate websites, we create immersive experiences, showcasing your brand, and it’s values in the right light; all done, while employing the latest in internet, and development technologies.

Branding & Strategy

Branding goes beyond snazzy logos and tagline, it is the way your brand is perceived. So in addition to delivering breathtaking visual representations of your brand, we also provide strategic advisory services, to help you better position your brand, & offerings.

Search Marketing

We do not see the internet as ‘another way’ of doing business, but rather as the backbone of any business. Our Search engine optimization and marketing techniques, guarantee our clients maximum visibility, and increased targeted traffic on and from the various search engines (Google, Bing etc).

Social Media Marketing

Social networks have existed for years now, bridging gaps and connecting billions of people the world over. Our social media marketing services will help you sort, and find your target audience in the crowd, promote & manage your channel growth, and maintain customer interaction.

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